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When Is It Necessary To Replace a Fire Door? (Part 1)

Fire doors are an essential element of the safety infrastructure of any building. Their function is critical in preventing the spread of fire, smoke, and hazardous gases in the event of a fire emergency. Fire doors, similar to other building components, possess a limited lifespan and may eventually necessitate replacement. So what are the key indicators of when fire door replacement is needed?

Non-Certified or Outdated Doors

It is recommended to replace any fire doors that are outdated or do not possess the appropriate certification with brand-new, certified models. In order to guarantee compliance with precise fire safety criteria and provide adequate protection in the event of a fire emergency, certified fire doors have undertaken extensive testing.

Observable Wear and Damage

Experiencing evident damage and deterioration is an immediate indicator that a fire door requires replacement. This can include dents, scratches, cracks, or holes in the door, frame, or hardware.

Inadequate Sealing

Components of fire doors that are vital include intumescent seals and smoke seals. By expanding in response to heat, these seals prevent the passage of smoke and flames by sealing the spaces surrounding the door. If the seals are damaged, missing, or no longer functional, the fire door’s ability to control smoke and fire is compromised, necessitating replacement.

We specialise in the protection of buildings from fire by the insulation of structural members, walls and tanks against direct attack from flames by maintaining load-bearing members and tank-shells below the critical point at which failure or weakening is likely to occur.

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