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Fireproof Plaster: Everything You Need To Know (Part 2)

Rocklite® Three Hour Fireproof Plaster


ROCKLITE®, which offers fire protection at as little as 0,05% of the cost of investment it protects, has to date saved customers many millions of rands. In commercial applications, the cost of installing ROCKLITE® can be absorbed by incorporating the fire-protective plaster in the initial architectural design.

ROCKLITE® plasters guarantee optimum risk management and reduced insurance premiums. Soon after it was invented, ROCKLITE® was patented and since then, has undergone substantial improvements. It currently enjoys market-leader status in quality fireproof materials world-wide.

The ROCKLITE® product range includes fire-protection panels, plaster and retardant coatings for applications in: columns and beams; steel structures; ceilings and fascia’s; horizontal and vertical cable and pipe penetrations in walls and floors; air-conditioning ducts and grills, boxing-in-systems, fire shields; transformer screens; removable valve boxes; tanks and vessels used for flammable and combustible liquids and gases.


Because of its lightweight properties, additional applications for ROCKLITE have been developed over a period of time. These fabricated fire protective removable panels for use in thin wall (non-load bearing) construction, infill panels and fire doors. These panels, which can be used in new or existing buildings, are quick and easy to install.


The ROCKLITE® system is based on 0,4mm RIBLATH expanded metal together with ROCKLITE® plaster, the thickness of which is determined by the projected intensity of the potential fire. Certificates for comprehensive carbon and hydro carbon fire tests across the full spectrum of applications for ROCKLITE® reflect a passive fire protection far above the established norm in South Africa.

We specialise in the protection of buildings from fire by the insulation of structural members, walls and tanks against direct attack from flames by maintaining load-bearing members and tank-shells below the critical point at which failure or weakening is likely to occur.

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