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Fireproof Plaster: Everything You Need To Know (Part 1)

Rocklite® Three Hour Fireproof Plaster

ROCKLITE® is a revolutionary fireproof plaster system affording passive fire-protection. The material composition of ROCKLITE® is a combination of gridwork and lightweight plaster which can be moulded into any design, thus affording complete flexibility in both interior and exterior applications. It is architecturally compatible and provides fire protection, but also acts as a decorative finish and as part of the design of the building.

ROCKLITE® is an extremely versatile material requiring no auxiliary structural features i.e. pumps, monitors, water pipes or detection systems. The entire system is a permanent fixture which needs only low maintenance.

ROCKLITE® is non-flammable and non-combustible. When exposed to flames, ROCKLITE plaster emits a vapour which significantly counteracts the build-up of temperature in the plaster and shields the underlying structure.

ROCKLITE® is resistant to most chemical reaction and damage. Furthermore, ROCKLITE® plaster can withstand high pressure water hoses and are easily repaired in the event of fire damage.

We specialise in the protection of buildings from fire by the insulation of structural members, walls and tanks against direct attack from flames by maintaining load-bearing members and tank-shells below the critical point at which failure or weakening is likely to occur.

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