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About Us - P & H Protective Plaster Systems

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The success of P&H Protective Plaster Systems, which was established in 1978, can be directly attributed to ROCKLITE®, which was invented by its founding partners, two German Brothers, Peter and Herbert Jonischkeit.

The company specializes in the protection of buildings from fire by the insulation of structural members, walls and tanks against direct attack from flames by maintaining load-bearing members and tank-shells below the critical point at which failure or weakening is likely to occur.

For this purpose it uses a combination of ROCKLITE® and PROMASEAL® systems which have been successfully tested in carbon fires in Austria, West Germany, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain and the USA.

P & H Protective Plaster Systems has, over the years, enjoyed a high reputation for the skillful development and manufacture of its fire prevention products as well as the efficient installation of its contracts.

The company numbers among its customers some of South Africa’s giants in terms of major strategic commercial and industrial conglomerates and has also completed successful fire-prevention contracts in shopping malls, hotels, factories, warehouses and smaller plants.


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